Christie Banach – Owner

Christie Banach

“Our little salon and spa was built out of a common desire to WOW our clients. Each person who works at Parlour is their own boss and wouldn’t be here if they didn’t love being here. We all longed to be in a small, happy little place where we, and our clients could relax and feel at home. We don’t want to feel like we are at work and we definitely don’t want you to feel rushed or ignored. I love to return to places that remember my name and what I like. That is the kind of service that I strive to provide. Although opening my own salon was never a thought in my head, it has turned out to be a dream come true. I feel very fortunate to have a job that I absolutely love, to work with people who I respect, admire and who’s company I genuinely enjoy! Last but not least, I am so lucky to have a career that allows me to meet and socialize with amazing, interesting and wonderful people all day! Life is grand!” – Christie

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